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Dermatology – Aesthetic 
and treatments



Stretch marks

Stretch Marks Stretch marks are conditions of cutaneous elasticity that should be treated as appearances, at the stage of pink stretch marks, Laser treatment very effective at this stage and it is most of the time managed to erase them, treatment with laser on white stretch marks is very effective.


Contagious disease transmitted by sexual relations, linked to a virus the Human Papilloma-Virus, a specialized loading is useful and its treatment can be envisaged by the application of local topical (creams) by cold (liquid nitrogen) by Laser or directly using a scalpel.


Small vascular skin conditions that give red spots, the Laser is very effective and makes these spots completely disappear.


Treated very effectively by laser.

Episiotomy scars

The laser treats the sclerosis associated with these scars and helps to reduce pain and hyper-trophic appearance

Skin aging

The laser realizes a real physical peeling, breaking down the accumulated collagen fibers with age, the skin regains suppleness and elasticity.

Pelvis mycosis


Acquired or constitutional contraction of foreskin

Hypertrophy of the pelvic lips

The combination of laser and surgery reduces the excess skin acquired at this level. We then perform a very esthetic labioplasty.

Vaginal dryness (cutaneous and mucous)

Treated very effectively by pelvic lasers, particularly indicated to restore a vaginal lubrication in case of hormonal contraindication for women having suffered or suffering from a breast tumor.



Bent penis

It is a disease that affects the albuginea membrane that surrounds cavernous bodies and creates an inextensible fibrous plaque

Pelvic pigmentation disorders



All treatments for disorders related to cutaneous or mucosal aging, damage to body integrity such as scarring and other overload conditions are managed in their entirety and in many cases in a multidisciplinary manner.

The first consultation will establish a list of your wishes and evaluate the possibilities of treatment.

Laser is an integral part of treatment but not the only option

A therapeutic solution will be proposed to you and it will be up to you to follow the main lines in order to get closer to the wished desires.