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Offres de soins

Medical check up

Additional medical exams

PH test exam

Examination Urinary PH test, allows by a simple method that we will realize in consultation to know the Urinary Ph to consider an adapted treatment to the nature of urinary calculus

Investigation reports and sexual medecine

Assessment of nutritional imbalances
of cardiovascular risk factors

With a device of simple use the AGE READER MU, will be practiced in the office a scoring of your cardiovascular risks, factors predictive of erectile disorders of vascular origins and remote risks of coronary disorders and angina (angina pectoris)

A complete score including your vascular analysis, but also the blood pressure analysis as well as your lipid profile will allow us, assisted by a Nutritionist approved, Mrs. Catherine Becker a multidisciplinary care.

Psychological disorders that require listening will be provided by a sex therapist, Mrs. Vanessa Luciano.

This global and multidisciplinary approach makes it possible to treat sexual disorders not from a simple organic point of view, but in a complete treatment called sexual medicine.
Andrological assessment of hormonal imbalances

We offer replacement hormone preparations based on the study of your individual deficits (HRT Individual Replacement Hormone Therapy)

The proposed hormones are custom master preparations that are bio-identical to natural hormones.

GABA spray, oral application of neurotransmitter to dissolve anxiety

The study of your face, the skin and the mucous membranes tells us about the hormonal lack of which your body suffers, we can supplement these lacks with the aid of bio-identical hormones

You will be given hormones in capsules, gel, spray, estrogen and progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, cortisol, precursors of serotonin, melatonin, GABA. p>

The proposed treatments will focus on hair loss, cellulite, weak connective tissue, acne, anxiety, sleep disorders, pelvic floor weakness, male and female libido disorders , help with fertility.



Nous proposons des préparations d’Hormones de remplacement basé sur l’étude de vos déficits individuels (Hormonothérapie de RemplacemenT individuelle HRT)

Les hormones proposées sont des préparations magistrales personnalisées bio-identiques aux hormones naturelles.

GABA spray, application buccale de neurotransmetteur pour dissoudre l’angoisse

L’étude de votre visage, de la peau et des muqueuses nous renseigne sur le manque hormonal dont votre corps souffre, nous pouvons compléter ces manques à l’aide d’hormones bio-identiques

Vous seront administrés des hormones en capsules, en gel, en spray, des œstrogènes et de la progestérone, de la testostérone, de le DHEA, du cortisol, des précurseurs de la sérotonine, de la Mélatonine, du GABA.

Les traitements ainsi proposés seront axés sur la chute des cheveux, la cellulite, la faiblesse des tissus conjonctifs, l’acné, l’angoisse, les troubles du sommeil, la faiblesse du plancher pelvien, troubles de la libido masculin et féminin, aide à la fertilité.

Pelvic laser
Co2 Laser Perineal Therapy is a modern, minimally invasive approach to urinary incontinence when it is stress.

A preliminary study with an urodynamic assessment makes it possible to determine the stage of the urinary disorder and the expected efficiency of the laser.

A protocol of care is given to you to prepare the first session, this one and the following if necessary are completely painless and the first results are expected from the second or third week.

By a multifocal action on the vaginal mucosa, the laser creates the disappearance of the collagen fibers at the origin of a loss of mucous vascularization and atrophy, the laser thus makes it possible to restore the action of the mucous membranes on the support of anatomical structures including the urethra channel in this case.

Hyaluronic Acid Injection

Shockwaves treatments

Using the medical wave generator Clinique Care, we can offer you the treatments and comfort therapies provided by shock waves.

A frequency and power modulator makes it possible to adapt the shock waves to the organs and zones to be treated.

Osteo-articular and muscular pains

(osteitis, plantar pain, bursitis, joint inflammation and calcification, tennis and golf elbow, tendinopathies, exostoses, muscular pains)

Erectile dysfunction
The treatment of erectile dysfunction are in the sphere of the urologist’s skills. One of the most innovative treatments since oral erectogens is shock wave therapy. It is a completely painless technique that still goes on in several sessions, particularly effective in erectile disorders with a vascular cause and/or for diabetic patients. The number of sessions varies according to the degree of the pathology, but it takes on average 12 sessions.
Lapeyronie’s disease (abnormal curvature of the penis)
It is a curvature of the penis in one or more places at the level of a “pivot” created by an acquired rigidity of the tunica albuginea, the envelope that surrounds the corpora cavernosa. Several causes are identified, the treatment of the cause is important and this pathology can be treated effectively by medicinal treatments associating injectable local treatments and potentiated by the shock waves at the pivot zone.